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Welcome to the 'Era of Perpetual Innovation©'

A quarterly blog by Noah Redler

Hello friends, 


Innovation is a complicated word. It can mean a lot of different things to different people, and sometimes it might not seem to mean much at all. I have always felt that the concept and the process of innovation are misunderstood, simply because it is possible to innovate in so many different ways. There is only one universal truth in innovation – that it is built from the desire to improve upon what is, in order to move toward what could be.


We, as people, have always been innovators by nature. We ask questions to better understand our world, we explore beyond the horizons, and we can turn imagination into reality. Innovation is in our nature – we are always rising to the next challenge and looking beyond. Our only limitations have been tangible factors such as available resources, technology, and infrastructure – but with each generation, our capacities expand, and new possibilities emerge. 


In the last 200 years, our world has established a massive and complex system that connects people and products all over the world. The cutting-edge innovations that we use today are, in fact, built from global infrastructure that we too often take for granted.Yes, that’s right, the computer or smartphone that you’re using to read this article would not be as cool without the giant network of antennas, underwater cables, satellites and fiber optic cables that power them. Your 24 hour ecommerce drop shipping would be impossible to achieve without fleets of planes, trucks, and drivers all connected by intelligent logistics platforms. The entire startup movement delivering software, apps, and AI to the masses would be inconceivable without the thousands of data centers that make cloud computing possible. These are the factors that allow us to think, act, and work in amazing new ways. 


We currently live with unprecedented access to the resources we need  to drive innovation forward in our lives, in the places we live, in our work and in our world. We are transitioning into an innovation economy,  an era of new possibilities, and the decisions we make today will resonate for centuries. 


In March 2024, I will be launching the first article of a new quarterly blog called, “Welcome to the Era of Perpetual Innovation©,” where we will explore the changing world around us, and how we can better plan innovation, in order to build the future we deserve.

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