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An Unconventional Journey of Experience

My innovators journey

Noah Redler is a Montreal-based entrepreneur, professional speaker, and innovator who has made it his mission to prepare the world for what he calls the “Era of perpetual innovation” – a time where we will explore new ways of working, living and new solutions to protect our natural environment. As the President and founder of Arche Innovation, a project management firm, and Re-Innovate, an experiential learning service, Noah Redler collaborates closely with government actors, academic institutions and the private sector. Together, they take a proactive approach to charting a path into the new economic and technological realities that we now face. Noah has implemented numerous projects in his home province of Quebec, as well as in the United States and in the Ivory Coast. Over the past 20 years, Noah has navigated a unique professional path, exploring various sectors and consistently dedicating time to understand their functions and operations. His career began at the age of 16, when he started working for the Just For Laughs festival’s logistics department, which he would end up managing in his early 20s. After studying political science, Noah shifted into politics, first working as a political attaché for the City of Montréal, then working on campaigns and engaging community groups at the provincial and federal levels of government. Later, Noah explored the international NGO space as Communications Coordinator for Canada World Youth, as well as the private sector, where he worked on innovative real-estate projects with GI Quo Vadis properties. In 2012, Noah leapt into the world of entrepreneurship, startups and innovation. Through his work as the first Campus Director of Montreal’s Notman House, he continued to play an active role in driving forward the Quebec innovation ecosystem. A strong believer in the importance of volunteerism and civic duty, Noah has consistently dedicated his time to projects that inspire him, including organizations such as Les Dérangeants podcast, Digital Moment, StartUp Canada, the RJCCQ, la Tournée des entrepreneurs, Tel Aviv University, and the Africa Web Festival. As well, he has produced events such as Hackerfest, HacktheHouse, MTL Ensemble, Smart City Experience, and more. Today, Noah is a recognized expert in innovation and transformation strategy. He is often invited as a keynote speaker for organizations in various sectors. Through his work leading Arche Innovation, Noah has developed strategies for the Canadian Space Agency, McGill University, École de technologie supérieure (Centech), Agence PME Côte d’Ivoire, BCF Lawyers, Desjardins Bank, in addition to over a dozen municipalities in several countries. “We often think of the future as a destination, when in reality it is the result of the actions we take today.”

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Core Professional Expertise

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Arche Innovation | Re-Innovate

Founder and President

Smart City Experience


Centech Propulsion


Notman House / OSMO Foundation

General Manager

StartUp Canada

Community Lead - Quebec

Gestion Immobilière Quo Vadis

VP Government Relations

Ville de Montréal

Political Attaché

Just For Laughs

Director of Logistics and Hospitality

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